There was nothing like getting the supplies in every month with the boys to lift everyone's spirits. Goodies, magazines, and letters abounded and everyone was excited waiting anxiously for their packages.

Sergeant Thomas was sorting through the packages and arranging them into groups to deliver when we came across a package for Lt. Roger. The Lietentant was a quiet sort that never received any sort of mail and never wrote any letters. But here before them was a nice package addressed to him that smelled of perfume and tobacco.

Thomas, thought it would be good to give the package to Lt. Roger quickly. Nothing like this to lift a man's spirits in the throw's of war time. Any little comfort could do it.

"Lt. Roger", said Thomas knocking on the door, "This package came for you".
"Thanks, Thomas, I've been expecting it", said Lt. Roger smoking a large pipe in the corner.
"Enjoy", said Thomas.
"Thomas, goodbye, You're a good man", said the Lieutentant.

The weird exchange left Thomas with a strange feeling.


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