"Come on," Ricardo yelled, growing more frustrated by the second. "That guy is still trailing us. Step on it!"
"I don't know, Ricardo," Mark sympathized, "he looks homeless, and he probably needs help."
"Step on it!" Ricardo demanded. Mark obeyed.

Sam was just an average guy, at least he had been - but one day, he lost his job, his wife, and his two daughters at the same time. And he was cast into the streets. Sam tried to live his life, but it got harder every day, and he was in a state of severe depression. Sam had attempted suicide twice, and he hoped the on-break paramedics could help him find a psychiatrist that could work for free, and possible even a shelter.

"Ricardo, I think that man really needs help!" Mark coaxed. "I really think we should stop and help him!"
"Shut UP," Ricardo growled. "He'll be fine."

After a half hour of trying to catch up to the ambulance, Sam realized they were never going to help him up onto the platform, so he looked at the speeding truck and flashing lights and did what he knew he needed to do in that one moment-

Sam leaped in front of the ambulance.

"Oh my God," said Mark.


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hero Sam
villain Ambulance Driver
goal Hitch a ride
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