Bobby crossed the street at precisely 11:15 that night, his umbrella head firmly in hand to keep the snow off his young head. He'd decided earlier that night he had to run away from home, had to get away from the toxicity before it killed him. His parents were insane, always yelling and throwing things, hitting each other.

Bobby crossed the street at precisely 11:15 that night. At the exact same time the car came speeding down the street, careening crazily through the snow and ice. The vehicle hit the twelve-year-old head on. Luckily for the boy, the impact instantly killed him. What pain he felt died away immediately.

When the cops arrived, they found the driver huddled over Bobby's body, weeping. Behind him, both the boys parents were screaming at each other about their dead son, blaming each other for letting him get away from them. "I just wanted to go for a beer run," the young man said, sniffling and wiping his nose. "I just..."


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Creative Commons Attribution 3.0


Prompt (write a story including these elements)

hero Student with an Umbrella
villain Snow
goal Beer Run
Prompt suggested by El Wordy Baron


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