They gathered in the woods. There were seven of them, rangers all. Alifer the Bold arrived first, his great yew bow across his right shoulder. Next came Hurq, the half-orc and Teriel the elf. Three others followed, the human couple Gawin and Meledere, and the half-elf Siri. Lastly, Helena, wisest of them all, arrived with her daughter Adori.

"It is time," Helena said after a moment's silence. "The Goblin King has gathered his armies and readies them to conquer the lands of Gaules." She glanced around at her companions. "We must all prepare," she said. "We must go to our peoples, raise their armies and fight this evil."

"The orcs will be hard to convince," Hurq growled. "They may just join the goblins." His brutish face twisted as he kicked at the ground. "There is a chance," he said. "But, only a chance."

"Then it is one you must take Brother," Alifer said determinedly. "We must fight. Life under the yoke of the goblins is no life at all." They all nodded their accord, then sat down to plan.


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