The bear was furious. He could no longer spot where the rabbit had gone. In the New World Order, this was something that rarely happened anymore.

"Aggghhhh!" he roared has he ripped the nearby tendril tree from it's root. The weasels would have to spend a day replanting the tree, but Ferfar didn't care. He would be in much deeper trouble for losing the Silver Velveteen rabbit. There were only 12 of them left in the rabbit warren out of hundreds of white Cottontails, which were the pride of this part of the Order anyway. Perhaps it was because they were short on Bear guards in the first place that Ferfar lost track of his main job-managing the warren. With the pile-up of other duties (there was an outbreak about a piece of bread in the weasel district this morning), he had only been thinking about keeping animals OUT of the rabbit warren, and had not thought about keeping the rabbits in. It had been a long time since a rabbit had been discontent.


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