The gate closed behind them. Jeremiah and his little sister Kari glanced back to where the shimmering portal had been, only to see a green expanse behind them leading towards a large mountain chain.

"I guess we're not in Kansas anymore," Jeremiah quipped. His blue eyes crinkled as he smiled and Kari shook her head.

"Lame Jerry," she said in her high voice. "Very lame. Couldn't you come up with anything more original than that?" Jeremiah shrugged, his face flushed, and they started walking down the white path in front of them. "Do you think we'll find it here?" Kari asked. "We've been to a hundred different worlds and have come up empty every time."

"I don't know," Jeremiah admitted. "I hope so." He shrugged his broad shoulders again. The two of them had been looking for the way home, going through portal after portal to find a certain door, for a hundred years now. The woman stuck in the twelve-year-old's body, and the man who still looked eighteen, were getting tired of the traveling. They were getting tired of the battles and the constant stress. Jeremiah put those thoughts aside and walked on, holding his sister's hand.

They continued on the path for days until they came to a large building. "I think this is it," Kari said excitedly. She pointed to a red stop sign. "Not something you'd find on an alien world," she surmised.

"Yep." Jeremiah was more guarded, but excited as well. They headed forward quickly.


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