He searched through the records, long dusky fingers flipping rapidly through file after file in the Archives. He kept going, past James, past Jenkins, past....there it was!

Private Justice Jernigan, 61st Georgia Infantry, Co. A. His hands fairly trembled as he pulled out the pension record, gazed at it, read it voraciously. There it was. Private Justice Jernigan, listed as "man servant" for William Jernigan. It was also noted that he was a confirmed soldier, having fought at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville before being crippled by a wound in his right knee. That confirmed the stories handed down by his parents and grandparents.

William Justice Jernigan III smiled as he read the pension, tears welling in his eyes. "Thank you, great-grandpa," he said softly in his deep voice as he went to copy the pension record. He couldn't wait to show his wife and children.


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