He sighed as he read: "This image or video is currently unavailable."

"Thank you, Flickr," the man said to himself. He'd been trying to upload the photos he'd taken at the reenactment all afternoon and was constantly frustrated by the site's refusal to work with him. James had been adding pictures to Flickr almost since its inception and had never had problems like today. He didn't know what to do, only that he felt like pulling his hair out.

"Forget it," he said in disgust. I'll try it again tomorrow. Standing up, he turned and walked away from the computer...only to turn around and sit down again, glaring at the screen. He found the picture and tried to upload it again. He grinned as the upload seemed to work. 'Yes!" he said triumphantly a moment later, then quickly swore. "Dammit!"

He now had fifty versions of the same photo uploaded. With a groan, he began deleting the extras.


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