I always imagined that I'd feel nothing. Instead, I feel everything. Every paper cut, every broken heart, everything. It's like a million voices echoing in my head, vying for attention. I tip my head back, letting the wind rip through my hair. It's calming. I feel the knots in my shoulders relax, the pounding behind my eyes ease. This is it. It will soon be over. The pain, the misery, this life. It is almost over. I glance down at the crashing waves. It's a long way down. Noone will ever recover it. Its time to say goodbye. Time to move on. Its time.

I take a deep breath and close my eyes. I've pictured this moment for so long, the letting go. The release. I breathe out watching the puffs of vapour from my mouth. Almost time. I breathe in. Reaching into my jeans pocket I pull out the ring. It glistens in the early evening light. I press it gently to my lips, clenching it in my fist before letting go. Letting it crash down into the water. Now, it's time for my new start. I turn and walk away.


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CatherineRussell over 10 years ago

Love the twist, didn't see it coming!

emma_kerry (joined almost 14 years ago)
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