The voiceless aberration toiled within his thoughts. Where was he? What purpose? Why? The words seemed to jumble within his mind as he gazed out of the tank his eyes out upon people that seemed blurred. He could hear them speak but could not understand as a young girl walked towards the tank her small frilled white gown running to the marble floor. She seemed to smile at the aberration and lifted her small hand up to the glass and smiled even wider seeing it turn to face her. "Da what is that?" The young girl asked innocently staring at the creature within the tank. "I don't know honey it was found on the excavation." The older man said a deep red suit drawn over his body. "Daddy can we take it home?" She asked and her eyes lit up as she smiled once more at the aberration. The creature eyed her with hope in its eyes as a tendril pressed itself against the glass as if to try and meet her hand against the glass barrier. "No sweetheart it has to be studied." The father spoke, holding her wrist between his heavy fingers as he pulled her away from the tank. The aberration reached forward , a tendril pounding against the glass. Friend? It seemed to long for her, a companion to fill itself with company once more as the girl vanished out of sight. It could only smile beneath the heavy metal strapped about its maw before a curtling scream erupted forth from the glass. The shrill feeling of electric currents coarsed through the tank.


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ganymeder about 8 years ago

Awww, I feel sorry for the creature! Nice description too!

Savant (joined about 8 years ago)

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