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Her eyes dimmed in colour as she stepped into the darkness, with the decoration lights around the chinese restaurant she slowly disappeared in a blink of an eye. That girl who is seen by commuters every night, the girl who creeps people out is Lu. In broad daylight she would be the happiest person on earth, her skin glowing in the sun, hair swaying against and bursting out with laughter. At night that girl is no longer in her, dressed in black at night, she wanders throughout the neighbourhood, paths between light and pitch black she would walk on the...

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The voiceless aberration toiled within his thoughts. Where was he? What purpose? Why? The words seemed to jumble within his mind as he gazed out of the tank his eyes out upon people that seemed blurred. He could hear them speak but could not understand as a young girl walked towards the tank her small frilled white gown running to the marble floor. She seemed to smile at the aberration and lifted her small hand up to the glass and smiled even wider seeing it turn to face her. "Da what is that?" The young girl asked innocently staring at...

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When he'd signed up to visit strange new worlds, he'd never envisioned this. He turned slowly in the glass globe, devoid of even snow or glitter, and bemoaned his fate.

He should have known better than to answer an ad for interstellar traveller posted in the local classifieds.


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I always felt like I was stuck in a bubble. Like the Pope in his vehicle. On display like the Queen of England. A goldfish in a bowl. Maybe it was my shyness or my wart on my left cheek. Maybe it was the lisp that made everyone return my greetings with a "What did you say?" Maybe it was my slumped back, the hump that made shopping for blazers so difficult.
"Who's in there?" small children would say, peering at me on a Sunday in the park. "Don't bother that nice man," their mothers would say. The mothers were...

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There once was a man in a sphere
Whose outward appearance was queer
He was hard to mistake
For the sphere was opaque
Because he had filled it with beer

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November 06, 2010


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