I don't like the truth. It gets messy, tangles in with lies and becomes one big pile of words that could mean life or death or nothing at all. I don't like lies either, to decieving. I don't like words in general, to much noise, I prefer silence. In silence no one can deceive or trick you. No one can force you to listen to anything unwanted, but most of all they can't remind me. They can't remind me of my weakness. Not that it's my only weakness, but it is a big weakness, it is the king and all the rest our peasants. The fact I can't talk. I don't remember all the different reasons I can't, all I know is that I can't. Maybe that's why words bother me so much, I will never be able to control their power. But I know better then to trust words, from the day I was born I heard different words like freak, mute, weirdo. They were all directed at me. I can never tell if they were teardrops of truth, or a rain of lies socking me from head to toe in self doubt. I don't want to know either, I don't want to find out. Because the truth hurts more then lies ever will, another reason the truth shouldn't be spoken. The lies are like hits, the truth is like punches. Maybe one day I will be able to say the truth, the truth about me. I can't even lie about me, really. Goodbye words, because words are no longer what I will have to know.


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ganymeder over 10 years ago

Very interesting! Especially coming from a writer!

PickUpThePen (joined over 10 years ago)

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