"What is this?" I ask, my voice becoming more and more hysterical with every word I say.
"It's your life." Jordan says. My life? My life is printed in front of me. It's not possible! I know what my life'll be like. I like to swim, I'll be a swimmer. But this book says otherwise.
"The Dramatic and Unfortunate Life of Mary Sue Crawson." I read out loud. "My life is supposed to be perfect. This story says I'll be a representative of a rebellion. I'll lead the world to destroy the government. I'll... I'll... get shot." This can't happen! What did I ever do to become this? And-
"How does this author even know what happens to you?" Jordan eyes me starting to cry. I shrug and pull out a match. Sniffling, I hold the flame up to the page. And burn it.
"What?" My eyes are full of tears. They're spilling out.
"You wrote this story." I have no words after she says this. I wrote my future.
I did.


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