It's night time tonight, but it's not dark. At least the places we go aren't dark. They are darker than the places that you might go in the day, but not as dark as the daylight places are now. We taxi-ed here, but now we're not sure if it's the right place. It feels right, the lighting is right, but there's no door. A man is walking his dog, and the dog is finding places other dogs have peed and peeing on top of them. It could be human pee the dog is covering, too - people with newspaper blankets are using various storefronts as beds. That one is an auto insurance store by day, but now it's a bed and a toilet. But what isn't? Our ancestors wouldn't have acknowledged any place on earth as being more or any less than a bed and a toilet. They wouldn't be so impressed with the lights either.


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CatherineRussell over 7 years ago

Very thoughtful post!

donuts333 (joined over 7 years ago)

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