Wait ... for a green-clad man. He will come to you either at dusk or at dawn if you stand by this gate. When he comes, you must say to him, "I see, they have dammed the brook below Piper's copse." He will stop and fill his pipe and make small talk with you about this and that. Speak freely and let him know of your grief. Tell him how your crops have failed these last three years for want of rain or too much of it and how sick your children are. He will listen to you quietly and after a while he will stop moving and his pipe will burn right down its stem until it sets his mouth on fire. You will then see that he has become as brittle as dried brambles and he will catch alight and burn before your eyes. When he has quite burned, gather the ash; spread it on your fields and your fortune will change.


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Prompt (write a story including these elements)

hero Green-clad Man
villain Rain
goal A tan
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