"Obtain the marionettes!" Fox's tone was commanding.

'Obtain', thought Fred. That was just like Fox: always using a big word when a small word would do. He could have said 'get' instead of 'obtain'. But then, again, Fred's mother had told him 'get' was a terrible word and it should be avoided.

"Are you listening? Did you hear me?" Fox bellowed.

"Sorry. Yes," said Fred. "Get the marionettes."

"Use force if so required."

'Hit the bastards if you need to,' Fred translated to himself. He pummeled his right fist into his left palm to show Fox that he'd understood.

He wouldn't hesitate to hit Punch - with a name like that, he was asking for it - but hitting Judy was something else that Fred's mother wouldn't have stood for.



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Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommerical-ShareAlike 3.0


Prompt (write a story including these elements)

hero Fred
villain Punch or Judy
goal Obtain the Marionnettes
Prompt suggested by Galen


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