I am different.
I know it.
They know it.
They being society.
In our society, we are to dress the same, act the same, our names are the same, and the only thing different about us is our eyebrow angles. Strange, isn't it? I know there are a few like me in the world, but I don't know where. When I was very little, my parents lived on the edge. They would be different, and the society would scold them. When I was three, they were to be killed. Before my parents died, they decided they wanted me to stand out in the world. Somehow, they found someone to tattoo a moon on my forehead.
I didn't know what the moon's significance is. Now, at age 18, I know little information, except for the fact that there are three others like me, as I mentioned before. One has a sun on their forehead, another with a star, and another with a planet. We are never to meet each other in our lives.
But today is different. I met a girl on the street by the name of Anna, (of course) same as me. Yet she acted different then anyone else I had ever met. Her hair was a shade lighter than mine.
I looked up at her face. One of her eyes was green, the other blue. Anna was also puzzling over me, despite the fact that other than my moon, I looked like everybody else. We hadn't spoken yet, so I reached out my hand.
"Anna." I said, laughing because she already knows this.
"No." She responds, and I am confused. "You are Marie." The names sound unusual in my head.
"I am Anna." I state. She shakes her head and begins to explain.
"As a young child, my parents would tell me stories about a girl with the moon on her forehead. She was unlike any other, her name was not Anna. Her name was Marie."
This is hard to process. "But- you are different too."
She has already begun to walk away, but looks back. "Yes. My name is Sarah." Sarah lifts her bangs up and reveals a sun.
A tattooed sun on her forehead.


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