"Oh, do come for dinner!" she purred. "Is there anything you don't eat?"
"Well ... quite a few things," he said. "I hate to be awkward, but I don't eat cars ... dustbin lids, flower pots, hurricane lamps ... old rope ... generally anything in the mineral category. Although I do drink mineral water, of course," he added.
"I was thinking, anything in the more animal or vegetable category?" she laughed.
"Oh, um ... rhinoceros, lion ... elephant ... panda, any protected species, I suppose, on ethical grounds, of course," he said.
"So anything within reason ..." she began.
"People," he continued as if he'd not heard her. "I don't eat people ... or raw rhubarb, green potatoes or peach stones."
"Oh I was just thinking of doing something like beef stroganoff," she said cheerily.
"I'm not Stroganoff youve got the wrong gu!" he exclaimed. "You can count me out."


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