This is a masterful photo taken by Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Steven Kramer. Set in Baku, this is a 11th century castle, built by the Caroline Raanes the Great, to show off her wealth to the world. After its construction, streams of people came pouring in, including the renowned dictator, Matthew Brown, of Turkakhstan. At first, he tried to persuade Caroline to sell her the building, but his persistence could not persuade her to agree. He then organized his troops, and coordinated a military operation to take over this castle.


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ganymeder almost 8 years ago

Interesting turn of events! Wish I could see the photo!

carebearsandpencils over 7 years ago

Wow! This is a great story. I think the names are extremely creative, how did you think of them?

President Yan (joined almost 8 years ago)

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