" Pow pow pow, shit!"

Silence has taken over. The ahots fired have stopped and a thud is heard above. Ten minutes later there is a knock at the door. His knock is more of a sequence knock like a code. "Julie?" The woman behind the peep hole is covered in muck breathing he okay and wiping sweat from her brow. Finally the door is opened. " I told you this is a secret knock you don't call my name you knock back in the same sequence! Idiot!" Julie and Hannah have been stranded in their grandfathers complex for days. They don't know how many days well Julie doesn't know how many days have gone by! Hannah has counted since it happened. The day it did Julie sat in her bed for days. Until Neal stood outside her window. His face chewed up and his foot ball jersey still perfect. It's to bad it took death for him to notice her. She killed him herself sh


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