i jumped off the bridge and hit the water.
OK, so i didn't judge the height of the bridge or he depth of the water, but i jumped nonetheless. instead of the sudden death i had anticipated, i found myself floating on top of the water. the bridge was about 5 feet high, but the water underneath was only four and a half feet deep, as deep as a normal swimming pool.
well, i'm still alive, which is kind of ironic because i didn't intend to jump off the bridge in the first place. but my friends yelled at me, saying, "i can't believe you actually did that! what were you thinking?"
i said, "well, i figured that if i jumped off the bridge and faked my death, those jerks would leave me alone.i mean, aren't you tired of everyone wanting me ou of the way so they can hang out with you?"
my best friend said, "are you kidding? they're going to do a lot better if they want to get rid of you. speaking of which, let's fool thin\\em ni\\into thinking that you're actually dead. then you can hide here and scare them when they show up."
i laughed, know


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