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The wind whistled around me, caressing me like i was its lover. Its icy touch leaving trails of fire all over my skin. I felt like i was the only man alive, standing on the pinnacle of planet earth. The ocean loomed below me, looking so warm and inviting, the waves pounding on the rocks relentlessly. The waves foamed like a dog with rabies, frothing at the mouth. It beckoned me to reach its dark depths

My legs trembled. it would be oh so easy to just jump

The gust gathered behind me, as if it was pushing me over...

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i jumped off the bridge and hit the water.
OK, so i didn't judge the height of the bridge or he depth of the water, but i jumped nonetheless. instead of the sudden death i had anticipated, i found myself floating on top of the water. the bridge was about 5 feet high, but the water underneath was only four and a half feet deep, as deep as a normal swimming pool.
well, i'm still alive, which is kind of ironic because i didn't intend to jump off the bridge in the first place. but my friends yelled at me,...

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You could use a little direction, said Junie to Sam.

They were sitting cross-legged in the wood chips on the playground. Junie was wearing a polka-dotted skirt, and she spread it over her knees, aware that her Hanes-covered little bottom was unprotected from the dirt.

It was something she heard once, from mother.

Sam said nothing. He was dumping wood chips into his lap with his fists, wanting it all. Making a pond and filling it up.

Sure, said Sam, through his spitty little teeth. He pointed to the South.

Don't you see?

He jumped, I jumped. She sto

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She by Raerae

I jumped. Yes, I jumped into this fiery ring with full knowledge of what I was doing. I couldn't help myself. She was a wonder to behold. It didn't matter that she was married. It didn't matter that she had children. She was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. Her hair was the most wonderful shade of honey-blond. Her eyes were liquid pools of green fire. Our passion knew no bounds. We lived in a world made just for us. But like all things, our world had an end. She was married. She had children. They were beautiful...

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I jumped. I left the rope ladder up in the treehouse. I'm scared. Leaving it will stop me from not going to Mummy. I'm not crying. I am a big boy. I will go to Mummy, even if she is still mad, and walking like Daddy.

Maybe she will hit me like Daddy and I will tell people I fell downstairs and tomorrow she will buy me candy and Daddy will come home.

She is near Mr. Grant's shop. Most of the other angry people have given up looking for me, or where looking in other places, or have fallen...

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I jumped accepting this spell might not work but at least I had to try.

The Green Man had been appearing in my dreams for two consecutive weeks, trying to show me through weird symbols and events that my Grandmother's life was in danger from the property developers intent on buying up the back portion of her enormous garden. The woodland area. Wanting to build a private road to their new homes constructed on the McKenzie land.

They tried buying for a nominal fee, then upped the price. But now they were running out of time and didn't care what...

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I jumped.
and the hard earth was no longer under my feet.
rushing air sped past me and my hair flew above me.
i clutched Marco's hand tighter and heard my self scream.
within seconds, my body was submerged in ice cold water.
Marco was no longer attached to me.
and as i came up, gasping for air, i realized i was alone.
The dark water surrounded me as i breast-stroke my way to the dirt edge of the cave.
as i climbed up i peered around the dark room.
I spotted paintings on the walls, and what looked like...

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I jumped. She jumped. My heart jumped. My soul jumped. My shadow jumped. My vision jumped. My brain jumped. My arm jumped. All of me was jumped. My foot are the last to jumped. Jumped. Jumped. Jumped. There's nothing left. Nothing. Nothing.

But you!

I wait you to jump.

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I jumped on the bandwagon. Everyone else was going down, and I mean, I thought I knew the basis of the movement, so of course that's what matters, right? So I went downtown. There were all these people there. All this passion. But I slowly realized that I was just there because it was fun. There were a bunch of other kids, my age, maybe older, sort of just there to have a good time, to try and get a rise out of some people. Like people without clothes on, or like doing drugs in the street, really weird stuff...

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I jumped clear out of my skin, I did. Well, I wasn't es'pectin' him to come creepin' up behind me all quiet-like! Nearly gave me a heart attack, I warrant. It's like I always said; that boy's gonna get his self in a heap a trouble if he don't shape up an' learn his self some manners. Come girl! What's got you all google-eyed out the window? OOooohhh no. No, no. It just ain't right; you givin' him so much of the good Lord's precious day as you do. Come away from that window now, girl. That's not a good...

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