This note. This one note. This small little ticket of joy, was my way out of here. Out of this dump. Where flies constantly infest every corner of your house, where birds never sing, where dogs whimper and whine down alley ways. Where the sky is dyed a permanent inky grey. No person could ever be happy here.

Now I had a chance to leave, and I wasn't letting it slip through my fingers, not this time. I ran home. The house was empty. Thudding up the stairs, I charged into my room and slammed the door. Quickly, I grabbed my backpack from underneath my bed and started randomly stuffing items of clothing inside. After a few frantic moments, I stopped, and sank down onto my knees. I dug down into my pocket, and pulled out the now very creased note. Who would have thought that such a small note, could open up such a big new life. All it had to say was, 'travel light, but take everything with you'.


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Travel light, but take everything with you.
Prompt suggested by TimSevenhuysen


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