Three new followers, this morning. Steady growth. Not YouTube Channeller level. Not like millions of subscribers. But that was to be expected.

A few more Views. Five new followers. Already! She was clearly having an impact, this quiet young woman, not wanting attention. Not seeking the lime light. Just tryng to escape a stalker. Not a regular follower. No one listening. No one to help. Safety in numbers?

Two more following. The blind leading the blind. Not even "word of mouth". Just trying to make her way in the World. Just trying to survive. And yet they saw. They saw her. And then they followed. Day and night. Safety in numbers.

Sometimes they were slow to catch on, but that was the effect of "going viral" wasn't it. Nothing at first, rising to fever pitch, then "to die for" and unhealthy obsession. And all without media hype. She wondered if they really wanted her for her brains or her body. It was hard to tell. That was, she mused, the price she had to pay. Post-Modern celebrity! They all wanted head shots. Needed head shots. No selfies now. Just a bullet, or a knife blade, to the temple.


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DoctorMikeReddy about 6 years ago

You can't unfollow if you're already dead...

DoctorMikeReddy almost 6 years ago

There is an audio version at

DoctorMikeReddy (joined over 13 years ago)
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