It was night time, in a fancy restaurant. We just sat down. Liana runs off and I follow. There was nothing else to do. I was bored, she'd be back in a few minutes, just in time for dinner. She runs, and runs for about five minutes, until she got to a car. She opened it somehow. It definitely wasn't the car I bought her for her sixteenth birthday, and she just had that one this morning. Could she be stealing? No way. Liana's not like that.
I followed her considering my car was only a few metres away. I thought it weird how she hasn't even noticed me. I'm her brother! She starts sppeding and and I realise I have to catch up. She goes faster and faster. Hurry...
The police start coming after us and I see something I never thought I'd see.


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amyskuodas almost 6 years ago

love it

ellieberry almost 6 years ago

yess jadeee 😱

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Love itπŸ’•

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