I clutched onto the flowers. Today was the day. I am only 19 but I am getting married right now. My father was a rich businessman and my mother died when I was very young. My father than re-married and she married a beautiful Parisian woman. You may think she is a beauty but she is a pain in the arse. She treats me like rubbish. "Go fetch me my earrings," she would call out. But one year later after marrying my father she died suddenly.
My father couldn't bear this again, so he sent me to an orphanage. I have been living in the orphanage since.
Five years later, I meet a boy. He was handsome. He had sandy blond hair and piercing blue eyes.
We talked a lot with each other and then one day he proposed to me. Even though I was still young I needed to get married because my father told me that he can't always support me. He is getting old and he can't help me anymore. So the only choice was me getting married to the boy I meet since I was 13 years old. Looking down I sigh, I wish my mother was here. My real mother. S


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wait,,, u have wattpad??

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amazing!! Love ur wattpad

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