He set the plate before her. She was petrified, the bugs an creepy crawlies moving around on her plate didn't help. She hadn't seen her family since he had taken her, 3 years ago, and every day since then she was abused, punched and everything in between. He had been obsessed with her since they'd met 6 years ago and it took him 3 years until he finally had her all to himself. She had tried to escape so many times but she was never successful. She knew her time was up soon but she wasn't sure when, she had found out a couple months ago that as soon as he finds a new girl he practically throws his current one out as if he has to be loyal to them. He had been coming home late and been abusing her less which only meant one thing, her time was running out. She wanted to escape so badly but she had tried so many times that she knows the only way out is through death, and that's what's going to happen.


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good work

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