I've love photography ever since my father got me into it a few years ago. It would be hard to fill in his shoes. After 13 years of school and learning, my friends and I decided to go to Italy for a brake for once. As we were going around town in Rome I saw these beautiful flowers on the side and I told my friend to pick some and hold them and i would take a photo of her with them. I posted this photo as a memory of us in Rome and it got 2 million likes. Ever since then i've been asked by so many people to be a photogrrapher for them in parties, weddings, baptisms, birthdays and all of the big events inbetween. Because the photo got 2 million likes it became internet famous and it eventually got to my dad. As soon as my dad saw the photo he called me and for once in my life he was actually proud of something i did. I realised the way to get to my dad to actually be proud of me, then all i have to do is to get to him through photos. Ever since then my dad and I havebeen closer then ever even closer then my childhood.


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