"You know why girls suddenly change their hairstyles don't you?" He leered over my sister with that gap-toothed smug-motherfucker grin. "Girls change their hair every time they make a major change in life. Like pigtails right before or right after a break-up. Females actually believe this changes them as a person."

My sister giggled, which is my favorite part, right before she undid the top two buttons on her blouse, which is my least favorite part. "You're so right," she said. She kissed him, hard, right before she saw me peeking under the door.

She scowled at me, but she also winked, as if to say "watch this," but in that weird unspoken way that girls do.

She told me later, after she kicked the door shut in my face, that she let down her hair.


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hero Sister
villain Boyfriend
goal Orchestrate the split
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