Chairman Mao came into town at the insistence of his family. He was not happy. His mother, whom he had loved far more for every difference from his father, did not look well. Chairman Mao, accustomed to finding his mother pleasant to look at, did not want to see her.

"YOU have abandoned your father!" cried his relatives.

"And my father abandoned me well before" said the man who remembered his father's cruelties all too well. Who were these people to remind him of the past. He loved his mother and he doted on her.

He despised his father. He refused to see him even in death. It bothered him not.

"Your mother needs you to comfort her. The duties of your power, are they stronger than the bonds of mother and son?", asked the pesky aunt with the tiny black fuzz around her chin. Mao wanted to strike her. She was a peasant but related, he would need to abide her if only for a few more minutes.

"I am here to see my mother" Mao said "but I am talking to a woman who wants me to change life." and with that he walked back out into the night and the guard opened the door and the car went down the dirt road. Forever.


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Prompt (write a story including these elements)

hero Physical Therapist
villain Attractive Patient
goal Avoid a lawsuit
Prompt suggested by CharleS.


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