"I want that and that and that" said the blond girl in the dark woman's pennycandy store. She wore an old dress and brought in a quarter, all in pennies. The woman, an Armenian, was her best friend Marie's mother. It didn't matter that she was. She was still frightening to many children, with her dark thick brows and the scowl. The long silver yellow hair and the odor of meat that is just beginning to sour.

"You have enough, get some more" said Sonya. "Marie is upstairs doing her homework. You shouldn't bother her", she said to the girl now fidgeting.

"I am going to back home anyway, my Nana is making beef stew and we play cards." with that the child with the pink bike left the store and wandered about the street, dropping candy as if she were leaving a path behind she could find again in her dreams. The girl scattered the candy all the way to her door, closed it and said "I'm home" and ate the beef stew, dreaming of her own pretty mother, glad to be away from the other.


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Prompt (write a story including these elements)

hero Physical Therapist
villain Attractive Patient
goal Avoid a lawsuit
Prompt suggested by CharleS.


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