"Bad way to go," said Detective Renfield. He was standing over the body (or what was left of it) with his arms akimbo.

I sighed, adjusting my hat to better shade me from the hot sun. "Fourth case this month," I reminded him. "Maybe city hall will finally get serious about the pigeons after this."

"Nah, I wouldn't count on it," my partner said cynically. "A few bums get eaten by pigeons, what do folk like them care?"

"According the statistics, the pigeon population's tripled in just a few months," I remarked, thinking back to my interview with Professor Gendry.

"Well, it ain't for us to worry about," Renfield said, turning to go. "We've got real murders to work."

"Yeah, but just wait until it's us there on the pavement," I pointed out. "We've got to do somet


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Galen almost 13 years ago

YES! Pigeons are the new zombies!

the-arraignment (joined about 13 years ago)

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