The clocks and the teddy bears I could understand, but the fruit really threw me for a loop. If you'll pardon the... well, actually, don't worry about the pardon. The time for pardons has passed. Yes?

I would have thought there'd been more books, but I guess I should be thankful there was one at all. One book, two shoes. That's a bit mortifying, really, but it's only fair. One couldn't get very far with just one shoe. I mean, I couldn't. Then again, I never got very far with just one book.

And seeing Her again after all this time, just the way she looked the last time I saw her. Eons ago, wasn't it? Thirty years? Ten seconds.

I suppose I should explain about the fruit.

No. Let me explain about the clocks. The fruit's not important. To you, I mean.

Have you ever watched a clock? Like, really watched it. I'm not talking about a passing glance to check the time, something casual, something brief. I mean intense, focused study. Observing the intricacy of the... well... clockwork.

I have. Letting myself sink into it. Letting myself go until there's nothing but me and the tick.

Observing the passage of time one second at a time. What a gift. What a stupendous gift.

And I mean, what's to say? I really enjoyed tropical fruit.


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