They were trapped for seven days. Susan would have laughed if you told her should would never be trapped that long. She had grown up in Alaska and had only even been trapped indoors for four days when the snow gathered past the roof and the tunnel they had shoveled to the car collapsed.

But here they were, seven days later and still trapped. She sighed and walked around the periphery of the bedroom. When they realized they would be trapped for quite a while, they had assigned everyone with a room, to ensure privacy. Susan thought it was silly at first but now she was quite glad she had the space. She had ventured into the living room this morning and immediately turned around when she saw Andy and Liv sitting on the couch. She had never liked them much before but confined to a house for a week and she bordered on hatred.

Susan pushed back the curtain and saw the snow continue to fall. It seemed impossible for it to fall for so long but there was the proof. Andy had a crank radio that they had listened to last night. There was no end in sight for the snow. They could be here for the month.

A month. Susan felt the air squeeze out of her lungs at the thought. A month, with these people. She wasn't sure she could take it. The house was so small. Not small for a dinner party but small for eight adults to be trapped in for a month. She didn't even know if the food would hold out that long. Marsha was guarding the kitchen like a tigress and she wasn't giving any information about the supplies.

"Susan!" She heard a shout up the stairs, "Want to play a game of pictionary? We need an eighth!"

She would kill them. She would have to.


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Galen over 11 years ago

I distinctly felt the claustrophobia-caused conflict. Well written.

SarahC (joined over 11 years ago)

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They were trapped for seven days.
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