They were trapped for seven days. But not seven nights? No, not seven nights. They were able to go their homes at 5 PM, but they had to report back to the avalanche at 7 AM sharp. Tim always arrived five minutes early so he could finish his coffee.
It was an unusual set-up, but one everyone could agree on. After all, who wants to be trapped for that long, and at night to boot? You'd miss all your favorite shows! Cindy couldn't miss the one about mean people trapped on an island together, which she guessed was ironic. They couldn't go home at night, but then again, they were on TV.
Mindy and Carl were a married couple and they were the other two trapped for seven days in the avalanche. They thought they were better than Tim and Cindy because they drove a Hybrid. Tim drove a motorcycle, and Cindy had a jet pack that used the blood of baby seals for fuel. So, sure, it wasn't the most ecologically sound means of travel. They quarreled under all that ice and snow, like the people on the island on TV, but they weren't on any talk shows or getting any book deals. So why do it?
No one knows. Not even Albert Einstein and he is super smart.


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A writer, reader, swashbuckler, former counter-spy, soda jerk, space cowboy, and honorary Professor of Not-Quite-Mad-But-Pretty-Unusual Sciences at the University of Genial Monsters (Go Smilin' Sasquatch!), Mark J. Hansen has secretly saved the universe numerous times, with more close calls than he cares to admit. He enjoys fast trips through time and space, arm-wrestling rainbows, eccentric headwear and kittens with British accents. When he is not sharing his Stories of the Amazing and the Amazingly Well-Written, he mostly hangs out in his hot-air balloon overlooking Skull Island with a root beer float and a parrot on each shoulder, practicing hypnotism and innovative shoe-tying techniques.

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cold white and some cars


They were trapped for seven days.
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