She pulled the book off the shelfe and flip over a few pages. The images were beautiful, the paper such a wonderful quality. She stroked it with her fingertips, feeling the inc on the page. What a book. So old yet in such good shape. The language was unknown to her, some form of chinese maybe. She could fing no price on it. WHat were the odds that she would be able to afford such a gem? She put it back and ambled through the store. Nothing else spoke to her. Finally she went back for the book and brought it to the front counter. A small man appeared from the room behind the desk. He looked at her inquiringly. How much is this book, she asked, holding it out for him. He took the book from her and inspected it. He looked at her smiling slightly. You like book, he asked. Yes, she answered I love books. He smiled and nodded. For you five dollars. She felt herself blush. Such an obvious underprice. Five, she asked. The man nodded. She handed him the money and left the store. She opened the book, looked at the first page and felt the world fall away from around her.


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