Potatoes. All she could think of were potatoes. Since going on this diet, she was even dreaming about potatoes. Chips, drenched in vinegar; jacket potatoes filled with cheese; mashed potatoes; roast potatoes; any kind of potato. She was obsessed.
Every diet book had drilled it into her that carbs are bad, so if she was to drop two dress sizes before her best friend's wedding then potatoes were strictly forbidden.
She was excited about being bridesmaid, she really was. It was such an honour, though not totally unexpected, she and Haley had been friends since preschool. It was only natural that she should be asked. It was the dress, she had her concerns about. It was so unbelievably slinky, made out chocolate-coloured satin, the least forgiving fabric there is. If she didn't drop a few pounds, she was in severe danger of looking like an over filled sausage.
Mmm, sausage and mash... She pushed all thoughts of food from her mind and settled down with her low fat yogurt. There was a good reason for it being low fat; it was low everything, especially taste. With a deep sigh, she battled through, consoling herself with the fact that in two months she could eat whatever she pleased. After all, it was unlikely her own boyfriend Matt would ever propose. He had severe commitment issues, to say the least.
The phone rang beside her, glancing at the display, she saw it was Haley. How did she know she was working from home today? Maybe she had already tried the office.
"Hello sexy," haley purred into the phone, "I'm on my way over."
Stunned into silence, all Kara could do was listen as her best friend described exactly what she was wanting to do to her boyfriend. hanging up, she walked to the kitchen where she prepared herself the biggest plate of chips, anyone had ever seen.


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HeatherGwrites almost 12 years ago

Girl, grab some dip while you're at it! Awesome story.

yamnasus almost 12 years ago

There I was, lulled into empathy; carbs, potatoes, diet, craving, yep, been there, done that and then bam!
Great twist, well done!

emma_kerry (joined almost 12 years ago)
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