I have come to the conclusion that Jack suffers from a degenerative brain disorder. This may sound horrible coming from his own mother, but it's all I can think about these days. First off, he takes our only cow to the market and comes back with seeds when I specifically said we needed food. Sure, you can use the old fisherman analogy, but NOT when it involves an immediate need to fill our incredibly bare cupboards. I would have even accepted him butchering her for food. I really would have. But no, my son is a retard.

Magic beans? Really? The only magic that happened was the instant growth that dislodged the foundation of the one solid thing we had left. Sure, he came down with some goose that craps golden eggs. But will that fix our home and fill our bellies. Turns out, no. They're not even gold. It's just...

Wanna buy a kid?


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selling children


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