Light. Heat. Flame. Fire. Water. Wind. Sky. Skymall. Worst catalog ever. Useless items. The infomercial of magazines. Gadgets and gizmos that nobody needs. Needful Things by Stephen King(s). Free-associating. The Association of Free Words. Become a member today. The Today Show. Show me the money. Money in the bank. Bank of America. Abbreviation: BofA. Bofa makes me laugh. I love to laugh. This always appears in personal ads. Who doesn't love to laugh? People in TV ads love to laugh. A laugh riot. Riot gear. Top Gear. Gearing up for war. War of the Worlds. World War III. III blind mice. See how they run. See how they pun. Pun-ishment for crimes committed. The Committee on Pun-ishment. The Pun-isher. Puny puns. Punt the football. Football stadium. Stadium seating. Remember when movie theaters didn't have stadium seating? The Dark Ages. The Awesome Ages--that time and place that only exists in pop-culture where wizards riding the backs of unicorns shot rainbow-colored lightning at axe-wielding barbarians. Barber shop. Shop till you drop. Drop the beat. Beat's me. Me first! First things first. Who's on first. What? What is it? What it is, bro, what it is...


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