Six minutes. You wouldn't think it a long enough span of time to affect anything. Anyone.
And yet.
It's time enough and more to change your life. My life.
We were given six minutes. The span between one time slot and the next.
Six minutes to explain.
Six minutes to speak.
And I couldn't. There was nothing I could say to erase what I did.
I kissed her.
And this time she melted into my arms.
Wrapped hers around my neck.
And for six minutes it was perfect.
Until the buzzer rang. And someone rapped on the closet door.
And we stepped out, back into the party, back to my boyfriend and hers.
Ignoring the import of those six minutes.
Refusing the truth it would take us years to accept.
Until we met again.
And kissed.


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Galen over 12 years ago

Star-crossed lovers. I like the staccato pacing. It gives it a stunted feeling, matching their stop-and-go love.

AislingWeaver (joined over 12 years ago)
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Aisling Weaver has been plucking at the threads of dreams for decades but only recently has dared capture the senses with words. She writes from a tiny corner of the world known to few on stolen time and borrowed inspiration. By day chained to a desk when set free she delves the shadowy recesses where desire, need, lust and passion meet the spectrum of emotion.

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