The World Is Still Turning.

It was months after the destruction. We knew it was coming so we headed to the shelters that our grandfather had dug, in the deep mountains. We went in and closed the doors, sealing out the world and sealing ourselves inside.

Eventually, cabin fever struck. We decided that living like rats, in a hole, was not acceptable. We had to know what was going on.

We opened the seals and felt the rush of truly, fresh air. Everything outside looked the same. We decided to venture out to see what was what.

Part way,...

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"Even in a finite universe, a rock doesn't keep being a rock. Things are always disintegrating and becoming other things." Our Tragic Universe, Scarlett Thomas

There was once a rock, a very old rock, a rock which had laid low for a very long time. It couldn't remember how long that long time actually was but somehow knew without needing to remember that that long time was long enough. It was a rock that took great pride in its appearance, habitually watering its neat lawn of grass, combing its thick coat of moss, trimming it at least once a week....

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It approached.

It was too bright. Light wasn't meant to be frightening, but this one was - it was too bright, and there was too much there, it meant too much.

Easier to turn away. But that wasn't an option anymore; there were other powers at work here. There was no escape route.

Everything was happening too quickly. No time to work out what to do, no time to even begin to create other options.

Just the light. The light and the fear. And the horror that was approaching.

In a rush, in a horrific scream, bathed in terrifying light,...

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Six minutes. You wouldn't think it a long enough span of time to affect anything. Anyone.
And yet.
It's time enough and more to change your life. My life.
We were given six minutes. The span between one time slot and the next.
Six minutes to explain.
Six minutes to speak.
And I couldn't. There was nothing I could say to erase what I did.
I kissed her.
And this time she melted into my arms.
Wrapped hers around my neck.
And for six minutes it was perfect.
Until the buzzer rang. And someone rapped on the...

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I know, I know, there's a million things I need to do. Every day, a million things. Check this, talk to him, to her. Don't forget to fill this out. Drive there, don't forget. Get it right the first time so you don't lose more time doing it twice. Or worse.

Only at the end of the day, is it legal to relax. Only when the world is on half-time, lunch break, dinner break, time out, penalty box.

The sun is one big green light for everyone. You can't stop when the world is go.

If I didn't want to...

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