The World Is Still Turning.

It was months after the destruction. We knew it was coming so we headed to the shelters that our grandfather had dug, in the deep mountains. We went in and closed the doors, sealing out the world and sealing ourselves inside.

Eventually, cabin fever struck. We decided that living like rats, in a hole, was not acceptable. We had to know what was going on.

We opened the seals and felt the rush of truly, fresh air. Everything outside looked the same. We decided to venture out to see what was what.

Part way, we heard a noise... and engine. An old car, being driving by an old man.

We questioned him as to how the world was doing.

Was there much destruction? Many survivors? Hope for the future?

He looked at us like the crazies were were. Nothing had changed as far as he knew, in 50 years.

"You people need to get out more often. The world is still turning, he said, as drove on.


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amy almost 12 years ago

I liked it a lot :)

RymRytr (joined almost 12 years ago)

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