"Send it back," he said, his mouth shaped like a cruel stink.

"Why, whatsa matter with it?" I laughed.

"It's not a twist, that's a wedge. I didn't ask for a goddamn wedge. This is not an ice tea."

The busboy removed the drink, soon replacing it with another.

"Are you goddamn kidding me? This is the same thing. Do you know what a twist is?"

"Yeah," said the busboy, "it's what my fate has suddenly taken."

And he drank it down. Wedge and all.


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RymRytr almost 11 years ago

I liked the Busboy's response and disdain for the crabby patron.

Gone Awry almost 11 years ago

wow. i must admit, the patron deserved it. some people!

mroshaugh (joined about 11 years ago)
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