It was happening again. Blindfolded, naked, cold and shivering she sat on a chair. She could see herself, as if she was detached from her body. Blood and saliva dripped from her lip and her right eye was swelling from where her attacker had punched her. She had tried to fight him off but he had sneaked up from behind and wrapped his arms around her. She had thought she would suffocate as he squeeze the breath from her body. Blackness surrounded her as she passed out. When she came to she was in the boot of car. She couldn't scream as something was binding her mouth. Rancid, disgusting; an old rag of some sort. She passed out again but came to when he pulled her out. She tried to fight and she kicked and screamed as he dragged her into the shed. He forced her to sit on a chair.
It was strange how she s could see herself from the corner of the room. Normally, she thought, these experiences were viewed from above. out of body.
Then before she knew it she woke up, gasping.
dreaming again.


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yamnasus (joined almost 12 years ago)
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Wow! Love the 6 minute story! That was fun, heart still racing.
I have the feeling I might get addicted to this site. ;0)

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