I don't know how, but she did.

Can't she tell I tried? I really did, no matter what she screams, and no matter how many things she flings at me, or how hard she throws her punches.

My parents say I'm going to hell for what I am, that I'm unnatural and wrong. But how can something so beautiful and pure, be so wrong?

I have to go away tomorrow, they're sending me to some camp to 'fix' me. To make me better or something. Maybe this is for the best...

Day one: It's nice here, I guess. My bunkmate is named Sam. Sam's a nice enough guy, a bit weird- But aren't we all? Pretty boring, way too outdoorsy- the kind of guy my dad would love. Heh, 'love'.

Day two: We had initiation today. I met a few of the other guys in my cabin. While the 'scenery' may be nice, the food is dreadful.

Day Three: We had some sort of meeting in the main area, followed by sports. If there is something I can mess up every time, it's sports. And today was no different. I managed to somehow elbow someone in the face and wind up with a bruised collarbone for my efforts. Maybe I can go home now?

Day thirteen: It's getting weird now, I wasn't allowed to leave to go to the hospital. They said I'd spread my sick. What the hell? I've got a bruised collarbone, not AIDS or something.

Day fifteen: I tried to leave yesterday, my arm was feeling numb, and I was wasn't doing too well, so I made a run for the main road. Big mistake. Now I'm in the 'Shed of Shame' as the guys call it. God, it stinks in here.

Day sixteen: I wonder if they forgot about me. I haven't had anything to eat since breakfast- two days ago. I understand I shouldn't have run, but this is a bit far... isn't it?

Day twenty: They can't have forgotten me, I've just messed up something big in their eyes, right? I an't believe I'm saying this, but I hope they feed me soon, even if it's that manky grey stuff. The two pack of water bottles in here is now gone, and I feel really weird and weak.

Day twenty four: I thought I heard someone coming, but it was just them bringing in another kid. It's some girl. I think she said her name was Maria or something. She's done nothing but cry in the corner since, At least they brought more water...


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Galen over 11 years ago

Wow! You type quickly :D I like the journal form and his growing confusion. Very vivid villain, even though intentionally obscure.

BronwynS (joined over 11 years ago)

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She could tell I was faking it.
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