They gathered in the woods during each full moon. The full moon was only significant as it lit the way for their new recruits. But who could forget a full moon?

She knew as she moved towards them that they would accept her. Their faces were neither friendly nor aggressive, they simply were. Each face identical to those either side of it, their expressions changing as one.

If she had not known them for a while she may have found them quite terrifying. But as she had met some of them before, she felt among friends. She looked different, despite her robe being the same, but she knew that that would soon change.

As she moved forward and the rows of beings made way for her, she saw the craft ahead. Or rather, she saw the portal that would lead to the main craft. The actual entrance was a tiny part of the vessel. She could not wait to climb aboard, but she knew that she must go at the correct pace and carry out every tiny detail of the practiced routine, or her passage would be denied.

She removed the smile from her face, replaced it with a neutral expression, and awaited the command from their leader.


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RebeccaEmin over 12 years ago

Thanks Six Minute Story! I was asked to expand on one of my flashes, and this has given me a head start...

Galen over 12 years ago

Glad it helped!

RebeccaEmin (joined over 12 years ago)
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I've just finished my first novel and I really enjoy writing flash fiction as well.

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