They were trapped for seven days. Aleena tried to hold back the tears as it had been seven days since she had seen the wolf- warrior Felan being taken away by Balor. She felt that she had let everyone down: the people who had brought her up as their own. She wondered where they were; if they were still trapped in the cage that she had tried to rescue them from when she and Felan had been caught. She wished she could see them one more time, even if it was to say sorry for bringing them into this. They were innocent; they were not wolf-warriors or Dragon Masters. They were ordinary. Their only crime was taking in a girl that was taken away from her real family due to her power. Her real mother had tried to protect her from the Dark Master Balor and now, she had been brought to him anyway by luring away the two people she cared for.

And then, there was the wolf-warrior who had set off with her after the destruction of his pack by Balor and the four dragons that reluctantly do his bidding as his son, Samael, being the son of a Dragon Master, had some power, however faint over the four dragons. Felan would say that he is strong but she knew that Balor would use him and her parents to get her to hand over the power of the other four Great Dragons that control the land of Negara.

She leant against the wall of her dungeon, the tears now falling down her dirty face. She did not know what to do. She knew that Balor would use the people she loved as a weapon and yet she could not hand over the power of the Dragons.

Deep in her heart, she knew what the right thing would be to do but she could not say it. She would never say it.

Because the truth was Hell.


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They were trapped for seven days.
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