It was the moment she'd been waiting for her whole life - she just hadn't known it.

She hadn't known she'd wanted to disappear until she could.

On the one side of her was the crashed train, the people screaming, the police trying to keep control, ambulances - so much chaos and pain. Explanations and stories.

And on the other...just sky.

It wasn't as if she had anything she needed to escape from, but that was the point. There was nothing in her life that meant that much to her. She was trapped by her own monotony. Changing her life wasn't enough.

Losing her life might be.

Starting again wouldn't be easy, but she was ready for a challenge. She needed a challenge. She needed something new, to become something (someone) worthy (to become someone, full stop).

It was the most selfish thing she would ever do, but she wouldn't be herself much longer. It hardly mattered.

She walked, paying no heed to voices claiming that she was seriously hurt, that she needed medical attention, that she wouldn't make it.

That was the real freedom; her real disappearance.


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bespectakate (joined over 13 years ago)
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Ladygirl of a British persuasion; sometimes I actually write stories that aren't depressing (but not very often)

I write for the, which is a webcomic about superheroes. Interesting ones. Cute ones, too. Which is nice. (It's cheerier than most things I write. That's where the happy goes, guys.)

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