They gathered in the woods. The darkness entwined itself around everything it touched. Filling every hole, every space it could claim.

It was not the darkness that was so frightening, it was that which hide inside. Using it as a clever camouflage.

Something hid, something stalked and watched and he could feel it. It was looking at him, watching and waiting. Its gaze crawling across his skin like tiny spiders.

He hid within himself not wanting to accept it. He built up the layers to keep the darkness out. He would not fear the thing in the dark. he would not let it win and take control. He knew he could never destroy it, so he fights refusing to embrace it.

He looked up at the moon, wishing for answers from the light in the dark sky. He could hear its call, like someone was calling him home.

It was so close, so big he could feel the glow pressing against his skin., pushing the darkness back like a warrior in the night.

The air felt clear and crisps as he stared up. His thoughts not so cloudy any longer. The moon hiss beacon in the sky that spoke to him. He closed his eyes, let himself be free. He was home.


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