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It was a pleasure to burn.

Holding the papers over the flame and watching as the flames spread over each one. Swallowing the words and memories as it went. The demons danced in the flames until there was nothing more for them to devour. Until the fire had taken every last word. Every last sentence and turned them into nothing more than a pile of ash on the ground.

Each piece of paper a different memory. A different time, another thing that needed to be burnt away. Each strike of the match burst into a flash of bright light. Each...

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She could tell I was faking it.

Three words. They aren't that hard. I can type the. I love you. Yet they cant be spoken, they stick in the mouth, their bitter flavour tainting the tongue Not even force can bring them out and if managed, well then it would just be plain ugly wouldn’t it? Yet why do people struggle to say those words? Why do I? I can type it all I want, I love you, I love you and so on, but here it’s meaningless, nothing matters as it comes from my fingers to the screen. I...

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It was the fall that surprised me the most. The push I think I kind of expected. I knew there would be some repercussions of me speaking out of term the way I did. I knew that he would push me, I did not expect the fall.

It was that stomach rising to your throat kind of feeling, where you suddenly realise what is happening and you cannot stop it. The fear that runs through you so quickly that it makes every part of you feel cold.

It passed in as quicker time as it had begun, yet I was...

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They gathered in the woods. The darkness entwined itself around everything it touched. Filling every hole, every space it could claim.

It was not the darkness that was so frightening, it was that which hide inside. Using it as a clever camouflage.

Something hid, something stalked and watched and he could feel it. It was looking at him, watching and waiting. Its gaze crawling across his skin like tiny spiders.

He hid within himself not wanting to accept it. He built up the layers to keep the darkness out. He would not fear the thing in the dark. he would...

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A small flower
Just a seed
planted in the dark
you were fed, to grow, to blossom.

In the dark you grew,
Spreading your leaves out so far,
Reaching for the light,
Almost touching it,

You found it,
But it was too soon
You wilted
Curling back into the dark.

Your thorns, so sharp,
Gripping with all their strength,
Holding tightly,
Waiting for life.

Back into the dark you went,
into the ground,
Forever in the earth,
Never to grow.

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Nothing will matter then, everything will be gone. I will stand and watch them all. The humans running about their days with not a care in the world. Not knowing what is about to happen to them. Everything to them is important when really it is just crap. Who cares?

After tomorrow they will be nothing but dust not even a memory on the bottom of my shoe. I have seen this so many times, I have watched and laughed as human race after human race gets cleared out and started again. And each one is just as arrogant as...

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